Indo Equatour, Makassar, Indonesia.




Thousand Rivers Adventure

The Province of a Thousand Rivers. One is Barito River, the largest and the longest river in Indonesia which is more than 6,000 km long. 

Banjarmasin, is the capital which is called "river City". A number of rivers with various sizes and lengths wind their way through this city. A floating market can be visited in early morning, located in the Barito river bay.

Cempaka, a small village as an old site of traditional diamond mining, some of them are still using very simple equipment. In 1985 a large raw diamond of 116.7 carats was found in a 15 meter deep mine shaft.

Martapura is the Centre of diamond and other jewelers marketing. Stone-craft of various origins and forms are easily found in the markets of Martapura. Sasirangan is a traditional textile design specially of South Kalimantan also can be found here. 

The Amandit River which originates at Meratus runs through Loksado and meets the mighty Barito River further down. Those who enjoy rafting may venture the trip through numerous rocky rapids by traditional rafts made of bamboo, the panorama along the river is fascinating. 


This is the best place to feel like a local person—at least for a while. The only drawback of this occasion is that it lasts only for a few hours and you have to know the real price or have a reliable guide. There are two floating markets in the Banjarmasin area: in Muara Kuin and in Lok Baintan on the Martapura River, the less popular one due its further location from the city.The Banjarmasin floating Markets is a unique venture, it happens only in the early morning from 5 am till 9 am, and you have to be an early bird to get fresh produce. Women from nearby villages row their thin boats to the place where two rivers meet in the outskirts of the city. There they sell fruit, vegetables, home-made [astries, and other goodles. People can either buy for money or barter. Some women may also bring ethnic instruments and perform music.

Secondary and primary tropical rain forest are still can be found in this area. We provide soft trekking to dipterous carpe and mossy forest.

The Meratus mountain area is a native forest area located in the province of South Kalimantan, ranging from the northern to the southern and bordering with its neighbor province of East Kalimantan. The mountain range has been established as a protected area called the "Green Belt" since the Dutch Colonialism. It is home to diversity of flora and fauna, including the endemic species of Borneo, several species are in danger of becoming extinct and need to be protected to ensure their preservation.
This mountain range is unique for trekking and expedition through connected trails that lead travelers to mostly virgin forest combined with sightseeing the Bukit Dayak people who are still maintaining their ancestor belief and traditional way of life shows on dances and ritual in special occasions. Travelers can go in and out the forest over available pathways, climb up and down the hills, crossing bamboo bridges and rivers, or lodging at longhouse in remote villages. The trekking trails range between 2 hours until weeks in length, depending on the routes are chosen, camping in the forest may be required and stay overnight in the longhouse of native villages is also nice. The rainforest trails are not dangerous with careful, but mud and leaches make the trek difficult when it rains. Leeches however really no problem is since tobacco and mosquito repellent are really worth to kick them out.