Indo Equatour, Makassar, Indonesia.


Raja Ampat “ Papua


Raja Ampat Land And Sea Expedition  with the following routing offered:
Sorong – Dampier Strasse – Kawe – Waijag – Uranie – Waigeo – Asia – Bud

Please find bellow a shot explanation about Land and Sea Adventure in Raja Ampat, Sorong - Papua

This trip will leave you with impressions of the Indo-Pacific and Pacific sea. Untouched landscapes and massive coral banks dominate in this thinly populated region. The map below shows the different diving or snorkeling  areas the Equator offers diving . Equator Expedition team  explored many dive and snorkel  sites for macro-enthusiasts and the divers keen to see big fish, all around the Equator. This sea adventure will  offers the opportunity to dive or snorkel well-known dives or snorkel spots as well as unexplored dive or snorkel sites. The variety of the isles is immense.
Right on the Equator and very close to the island of Kawe, there is a little island called Batu Jamur. This rocky peak that stands out of the sea is an el dorado for every macro freak. Tunica's, Feather stars, Nude braches as well as bigger species like Napoleon wrasse, Murray eels and epaulet sharks can be observed.
North of the Equator lies the archipelago of Waijag. Many different outlying islands offer wonderful coral gardens and many different fishes. Experienced divers will acknowledge the difference between the Indo pacific and the Pacific undersea world.
While diving you'll be meeting sleeping nurse sharks. On the northern side of the island of Uranie you can admire gray reef sharks, barracudas and schools of sleeping surgeon fish in a huge cave.

North of Waigeo lie three huge atolls of Asia, Aiu and Bud. Steep slopes covered by fantastic corals are just waiting to be seen. The northern shore of Waigeo with its hidden bays and pinnacles promises the most spectacular impressions to the diver during this cruise.

The Dampier Street with its many, many coral banks offers a diversity of species, that leaves nothing to be desired.

Land Adventure:
Zodiac tours all around the fantastic islands, trips to absolutely untouched beaches, exploring the labyrinth of the Waijag archipelago. Climbing Mount Edi and Mount Peter is an exciting challenge for all our trekking freaks. Observing frigate birds while they're looking for a nice place to sleep, are some of the highlights on land.