Indo Equatour, Makassar, Indonesia.


Enjoy Spectacular Sea Gardens which is still Untouchable by the Massive Tourism Industry of Kei and Guraichy Island

Welcome to another paradise of Maluku, North Maluku, Guraichy Island,  Kei Island. This small island located in the South East of Maluku/Ambon and North Maluku (Ternate)  were the location horrific WW II battles between the Allied Forces and the Japanese.
We invite you to witness the world war remains, enjoy spectacular sea gardens which is still untouchable by the massive tourism industry, exploring the small tropical quite islands around Tual and Kayoa that owns pristine white sandy beach and crystal water, beautiful varied fish and corals, diving spots.

We can also visit Kei Besar Island, accessible by an hours sped boat  to discover the typical birds of paradise, Parrots, cockatoos and other in Kei Besar Island as well as trekking and camping to appreciate the exotic flora and fauna which are the endemic of Maluku such as star turtle (Dermochelys Coriaceae), Shell Turtle (Cretmocechelys Mybas), butterfly, flying fox and many more .


Seram is one of the most distinctive islands in the Indonesian island chain known as the Moluccas. Sixteen of Seram’s 200+ bird species are endemic. This ecoregion also is home to the Moluccas’ largest bird, the two-wattled cassowary.

Special Features

At the center of Seram is a cluster of mountain ranges, with several peaks reaching more than 3,280 feet (1,000 m). This ecoregion contains tropical lowland evergreen, semi-evergreen, and montane forest types. Rattans (climbing palms) that exceed 328 feet (100 m) in height can be found in mature forests, with sedges and large ferns present as well. At the highest elevations, an open scrubby woodland or grassland dominates.

The male cassowary has an important role to play in rearing a family: It alone incubates the eggs and stays with the young birds until they are about nine months old.

Wild Side

The two-wattled cassowary is a large, black, flightless bird, named for the two fleshy wattles (flaps of skin) on its neck. Its best-known cousin is the Australian emu. Although cassowaries are active during the day and sleep at night, strong moonlight will cause them to wake and become active. Five bird species on Seram are considered threatened: the Moluccan scrubfowl, black-chinned monarch, salmon-crested cockatoo, purple-naped lory, and lazuli kingfisher. No less than 37 mammal species live in these moist forests as well, including several species of melomys rat, the spiny Seram rat, and the Ambon flying fox (a bat).

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