Indo Equatour, Makassar, Indonesia.


Tour Flores – Flores Tours. It was our passion and love of natural and cultural heritages, as well as many years of guiding service experience to the remote areas like Lesser Sunda or Nusa Tenggara Islands: (LOMBOK, SUMBA, WEST TIMOR, ROTE, ALOR, FLORES, KOMODO, SABU AND SUMBAWA) that led us to set up the  Flores  Adventure Tours Company.

We emphasize safety in all our services. We have adventure packages such as mountain climbing expeditions, trekking, and exploration of jungle, rivers, and caves, all over the region. We offer standard trip packages to all the Lesser Sunda Islands– Nusa Tenggara, which can be modified to suit you. Flores Adventure provides you with the opportunity to travel throughout this fascinating regions as a true traveler, off the beaten track. Our extensive experience and knowledge, will provide you with a remarkable experience in adventure travel to remote places, that promises to meet your needs and desires. Come on an adventure with us. You will go back home with unforgettable stories to tell to your family and friends.

Flores Adventure explores the real Lesser Sunda Islands. Owned and operated by a Floresnatives, we have the ability to show you the best of Lesser Sunda, while providing excellent service and careful attention to organization and management. Our strong links to the people we employ, ensure that you will be warmly welcomed throughout your holiday.  We know our country intimately. When you embark on your adventure   with us, we provide a high and well informed level of service. We can answer your questions with first hand knowledge, from our heart. Your comfort and safety are paramount – we have a reputation for safety, with a zero accident record. Our clients originate from the Netherlands, Italy, Spain, Germany and France. Equator Tours – Equator Package tours, discovery tours, live-aboard, leisure cruises, fishing activities, filming, tailor made tours, tours for families, accommodations, shore excursions and transportation (car, boat, and bike). A package tour will focus on the highlights of the islands you are visiting, with an emphasis on natural beauty, primitive life and enjoying friendly contact with the local people.