Indo Equatour, Makassar, Indonesia.


The Borneo Pygmy Elephant can be found at the Nort Eastern Part of Kalimantan Island in Indonesia. Pygmy elephants are living in Asia and Africa, while those differs, The Borneo Pygmy Elephant is inhabiting the Tropical Rainforest of Nort Borneo ( including Sabah ), it was long know as the Asian Elephant.
Borneo Island is a intriguing history of Sultan Kingdoms and traditional Dayak Tribes, with a wealth of ecological and cultural treasures that survive deep within the rainforest jungle of Indonesia ’s largest island. With its legacy of Chinese, Malay, Hindu, Muslim, and Dutch influences, we discover a virtual mosaic of traditions flourishing in the bustling seaports and riverside cities of Borneo. Kalimantan ’s dense jungle and wide terrain of wetlands have traditionally kept the region isolated from all but the adventurous travelers, and along the upper reaches of the rivers, you can discover the rich diversity of Kalimantan 's flora and fauna in the deep jungle.

The Expeditions are a collection of exploratory and Indonesia dream destination journeys that reflect the particular passions and favorite places. We created the Borneo adventure tours for those who search a indigenous Dayak Culture in the deep dense jungle with it's exotic flora and fauna. Borneo travelers will have an unforgettable experience trip in Indonesia, however, it is designed for those who are adventurous in body and spirit.

Krayan River is the Isolated area of Kayan Mentarang National Park at Indonesia Borneo Island Kalimantan. Traditional Dayak Tribes, with a wealth of ecological and cultural treasures that survive deep within the rainforest jungle. The area covers the upper course of the Krayan River and borders of the Upper Bahau River to the south, The flora in it’s vicinity of Kayan Mentarang Nature Reserve as a protected Cloud Rain Forest area of about 1.000.000 hectares  are more than hundred years old. However, there are more attractions then dense jungle only at the highland plateau between 900 and 1,000 meters above sea level. The slopes and sandstone valleys